A new uno+ichi is on its way… ✨

A new uno+ichi is on its way… ✨
Image from the Sanrio animation “My Melody no Akazukin” directed by Masami Hata in 1989.
A new uno ichi is on its way

After a few years away, I’m coming back to build a better version of uno+ichi : )

Hello! Hana here. It’s been a while. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, let me explain:

I needed to take some time off to recover from the grind of those first few years, and think more deeply about what it is I wanted to create with uno+ichi. I also saw my painting career grow in this time (@hanaisdrawing for painting things) and needed to take a break from uno+ichi to make space for those opportunities and lay a good foundation for my painting practice. Since stepping away, it’s strange to even think back on all the late nights I had in the ceramic studio, issues with the kiln (remember all the pieces that would blow up during the firings?), and the dizzying amount of faces I was painting at a time. It feels like a lifetime ago. Although I learned so much during that phase of the business, I had to step away from it. I was too overwhelmed to really see what I was creating, too exhausted to continue in that way, and I began to resent the work a little bit. 

I’ve now taken time to not only rest, but to rethink what it is I want for myself and this business. I’ve found that uno+ichi 2.0 is much more intentional. In this new iteration, I am aware of not just the objects I’m creating, but the days I’m creating in my life and the feelings I’m creating inside myself. In this way I can better tend to myself and the connections I make with future collaborators as well as with all of you. I have a lot more to say on this, and will be sharing more from here on out. I hope to be helpful to anyone else out there selling their creations and trying to find their balance.

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Lab Notes are replacing the old newsletter, and it's the primary way to hear about all things uno+ichi. I'm calling them "Lab Notes" because I see this whole business as an experiment. The "Lab" doesn't just encompass the testing and iterative process that takes place in the ceramic studio, but also in business and life. I hope my Lab Notes can be helpful to you in your own life experiment, whatever you’re working on.

Talk soon : )

<3 Hana